launch report: 3000 videos, 80K views and 600K viewed minutes in just the last 7 days is exploding as the alternative go-to video platform for liberty and free speech. With over 3,000 videos now live in the system, the 100+ channels now available are posting content on news, CBD and cannabis, religion and Bible studies, health freedom, meditation, firearms, solar power, off-grid living and a long list of other content areas.

Although these numbers are still minuscule compared to YouTube, in just the last 7 days, has achieved the following acceleration:

  • 80,000+ video views.
  • 600,000+ viewed minutes of videos.
  • 3000+ videos now live, with new videos posting every few minutes.

Several channels are posting near-real-time news analysis videos that are incredibly informative. Those channels include The Conservative Elite Network, The Pete Santilli Show, Red List News, The Daily Economist, Zolna Report and many others.

In addition, video embeds in articles are currently experiencing an astonishing 30% play rate, which is practically unheard of in the world of video content. Many videos are being embedded in content articles published at,,,, and hundreds of other websites we publish.

Some videos are receiving special editorial coverage from our writing team. For example, see this article about a video showing a cell tower on top of a health food store. We also profile many channels as they join the network. For example, see this article about the launch of the Red List News channel.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, yes the 5-second pre-roll ad will start to introduce some variety. It won’t be the same ad all the time. Right now, we’re just using a standard, fixed pre-roll ad to help spread the word about the platform. is now live, and affiliate sign-ups are active

The e-commerce back-end that financially supports is now live and fully functioning. Check it out at (yes, you can actually shop there now). Orders are fulfilled from our Texas warehouse, which recently underwent a massive logistics upgrade that now makes our order fulfillment capacity 400% larger than our previous capacity.

The affiliate program is also live, and it pays from 9% – 12% on all purchases from your video viewers, while automatically displaying a “shop now” button underneath your videos, with your affiliate code automatically embedded. You can sign up as an affiliate at this link.

Videos are being viewed across all the popular platforms, including Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, Linux and even gaming consoles. Many new features are under construction right now, including:

  • Playlists
  • RSS feeds (which allow end users to subscribe to your video feed)
  • An automatic video embedding widget for web pages

You can see all the new videos, updated every 30 minutes or so, at this link.

To date, has not banned a single video for content, demonstrating our commitment to freedom of expression (with a few commonsense limitations).

Watch my latest update video discussing the progress of, along with my thanks to all participants who are creating content channels, uploading content and sharing the content online. Create your own video channel for free at

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